Photo Credits:

Wes Maygar, Courtesy of the William Havu Gallery:

ATE - Bent, ATE - Straight,  PD 6,   PD 10, PD13,  PD 15, Red Tree, Big Red Flat,

Untitled, Bachelor, Boing Boing, Lovers,  

Edie Winograde:

ATE 5, View 3

John Capelli

Silver Cloud 1,2,3 & 4, Il Rosso Grande, Giddy Up,  Argento Grande, Big Black One, Cascade, Frankie, Composition    

with Red, Ikebana, Red Eye, Sculptural Mobile, Untitled (Deer), Untitled in Red

Robert Delaney:  

ATE 4, View 1 & 2,  ATE 5, View 1 & 2, ATE 8, PD 3, PD 7, PD 11, PD16, PD 17, Dialogue 7, Dialogue 8, Dialogue 9,

Flushed,Your Circular Arguement is Full of Holes, Pedestrians, Composition Grey, Black and White, Sol, Red Bull, Lucy,

Guardian, Circle Beats the Square, Red Pheasant, Forward, Point, Big Dialogue, Blue Moon, Gold Roe, Looks Sharp in

Red, Luna, Untitled (Bird Family), With

Courtesy of The Parke Towne Place:


Courtesy of The Fulginiti Center for Bio-Ethics at Anshutz Medical Center:

Bright Idea

Courtesy of The William Havu Gallery:

PD 2, PD 4, PD 9, PD 12, PD 14, Black Lives Matter, Dialogue 3, Bad Kitty, Phoenix